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New York, NY, USA

Wavi Labs Manifesto

At Wavi Labs, the goal is plain and simple:

Create a world where humans and technology can live in harmony.

Software is a big part of this bigger picture, and we strive to build software that can make this world a reality. We focus our efforts into these three domains of software:

  1. Engineering - Continually strive to produce software that is useful, intuitive, secure, and accessible for all. Software engineering is a craft. We are always trying to improve our skills and tools.

  2. Services - We provide amazing, high-quality services that leave our customers satisfied that they chose us. We build products that are used by real people for real purposes.

  3. Education - We believe in living in a world where humans and technology live in harmony. By educating and training people to become better software creators, it ensures that high-quality, useful software will be here to stay.

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