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New York, NY, USA

The future of software construction

Wavi Labs is working hard on changing the way humans build, use, and think about software.


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Landing Pages

Need a landing page for your new product? Or a portfolio page for your next job hunt? Wavi Labs can help you build a modern, sleek landing page that attracts as many viewers as possible.

Web Applications

Whether you just need a static website for a blog or a single-page progressive web app with complex features, Wavi Labs has you covered.


Have a lot to say? Make sure everything you say is heard with our well-designed and user-friendly blogs that are super easy to update.


If you're trying to sell products online, it's important to have an e-commerce website that gets the conversions you need to make big profits.

Data Management

Wavi Labs can help you setup an optimal data infrastructure that will allow everyone in your company to get the data insights they need.

Team Augmentation

If you need more developing power for your team, Wavi Labs can give you the extra boost you need to get the project done.


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Our Values

Wavi Labs is a professional, American company that goes by the book.

Craftsman Approach
We take pride in what we do and it shows in our work. If you want to have your software built by engineers that CARE, look no further.
Functional Programming
The use of functional programming at Wavi Labs allows us to move fast while making sure your software is formally correct.
100% Made in the U.S.A.
All of our work is done by talented U.S. citizens who bring the spirit of American ingenuity to software engineering.
#1 Customer Service
Above all, our customer service is number one. We always go the extra mile to make sure our clients get the help they need.


Last but not least, know that your software is built by engineers that care and are constantly improving.


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Yes, we can host your website for free, but there are no guarantees with uptime. For a seperate price, we will host your website with 24/7 service.

Sure, you can probably find someone who will do the work for $150 dollars, but we can guarantee you that the quality of the product you get will be very low compared to our offerings. You'll most likely end up having to come to us anyway after they mess up your product. Save the time and money, and start off on the right foot with Wavi Labs.

Yes. Once completed, we set up client websites with a content management system through which they can edit specified sections of their website or blog.