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Blogs are a great choice for your idea if you’re primary goal is to share information about a certain topic. This could be information about anything: the latest movies, the tastiest recipies, or how to do DIY home improvement. The possibilities are endless. Wavi Labs can set you up with a blog that will be easy to edit, even after we build the website and hand it off to you.

What is a content category?

A content category for a blog represents specific type of information that will exist on your website. A content category is represented by two types of pages on a website:

  1. The listing page - This page links to all of the content pages in a category. There is only one of these pages per content category.

  2. A content page - This is a page that represents an individual piece of content in a category. There are many of these pages per category.

For a blog, we design one listing page and one content page per content category. The content page design is used for every piece of content in a category to keep the website consistent.

Each content category will represent something different, and therefore needs unique listing and contact pages to display the content properly.

For example; YouTube has one content category: videos. The listing page is the YouTube frontpage. It has links to some of the individual videos you may find on YouTube. When you click on the link to see the video, you go to the content page for that individual video.

Another example; let’s say Lindsay is trying to build a blog for her dog walking business. She wants the best blog she can get, so she comes to Wavi Labs. On her blog she wants to display reviews of dog products, and she also wants to show videos of her walking dogs in a vlog format. In this case, we would define the dog product reviews as one content category, and the dog walking vlog as another. So, Lindsay’s blog is made up of two content categories. We will design five pages for her blog: 1 home/landing page, 1 for the reviews listing page, 1 for the vlog listing page, 1 that will be used for the review content pages, and 1 that will be used for the vlog content pages.

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