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New York, NY, USA

Web Applications


Our web application service is our most requested service and for a good reason. Web applications are prolific throughout the software space because of their ease of access for the average user. Today, almost everyone on the planet has access to the World Wide Web and therefore has access to your web app, whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Should I get mobile app or web app?

At Wavi Labs, we can give you both in the same amount of time it takes to build one. If you need a web app with mobile app functionality, then we will build a progressive web app for you. In a progressive web app, the software has access to the mobile phone’s GPS data, in-facing camera, etc. allowing you to do pretty much anything you can do with a mobile app, in a progressive web app.

What is progressive web app?

A progressive web app, or PWA for short, is a web app that is tailored for mobile usage like a native, mobile app (IOS or Android) is. You can reach multiple markets faster with a mobile app, because of the fact that you can make your app for both the web and mobile in one go. Traditionally, you would have to create an app for the web and a seperate one (or two if you’re not using something like Flutter or React Native!) for mobile. No longer is this the case. Save the money and time it would take to program the same thing twice, or even three times, and make your idea easily accessible by building it as a PWA.